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234 Companies Represented at Campus Career Fair 2012

On November 18, more than 6,000 students arrived at the career fair in Liulin campus stadium to meet with their potential employers.


234 companies waited to talk to students and explain what they look for in prospective employees or interns. Companies included banking, securities, insurance and other financial firms, state-owned companies (large and medium), private enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, accounting Firms and consulting companies providing more than 7000 jobs. The number of participating companies increased by 15% compared to last year. University leaders Feng Xide, Zhao Dewu, Ou Bing, Ma Xiao, Zhuo Zhi, Zeng Daorong attended the job fair and spoke with the graduates and employers.


There were some new features in the career fair this year, firstly, the quality and reputation of corporate participants has increased over the previous year. 78% of corporate participants were either a provincial level company or head office, medium and large sized enterprises accounted for 71%; Secondly, financial companies accounted for 38%, securities, insurance companies increased over previous year about 50%, these statistics which show demand for graduates is growing significantly; third, there were many types of business here this year, in addition to traditional financial companies, other institutions such as  technology companies, consulting companies, textile companies, chemical companies also offer job to students this year. Salary, work location, and career development perspective has been given variety of career choices for graduates.


Chairman of the University council Feng Xide spoke with the students and pointed out: “diversity and innovation capacity has become more and more important for evaluating the students, whether you’re professional is suit for the job has become not so important, is important that you fully demonstrate your strengths and comprehensive ability in the interview”. President Zhao Dewu inquired in detail about the students’ contract situation, and giving advice on students’ resume and said: “SWUFE students are very good, have strong problem solving abilities and always thought deeply”. 

To ensure the career fair runs smoothly, there were nearly a hundred volunteers participated in and the relevant functional departments have been given a strong support.

At present, the recruitment process is still being carried out after the campus job fair, the university will further expand the job market, to demonstrating to students that where are jobs available and employers who want to recruit them (Center for career planning and guidance)


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