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The Forth Oversea Administrator Training Group Was Launched Successfully

With the expectations of SWUFEs leaders and the problems emerging in SWUFEs development, with the guide of vise party president of SWUFE, the forth oversea cadre training group had already arrived at the University of Maryland, and began their training program.
The members of the group are mainly the administrative supervisors from party departments, colleges and teaching departments.
During the half-month training, the members discussed these four topics: administrative system reform, students affair management, the future development and job-hunting of student, and the mental health of students.
Theresa Hollander, the vice administrative officer of the Maryland University system, Stephen Koziol, the vice president of the education college, Ann M Shields, the president of Baltimore Branch School of Maryland University gave speeches which related to the development strategy of universities, the science research, and the financial plan and fund management, these speeches gave the group members useful suggestions. 
The training program had many forms: lecture, discussion, visit and exploration. The members studied during the day, and had discussions during the night, they also came up with the questions for the next day, by doing so, and the learning process was turned to an interaction. 
President Yang laid importance on the training program, he pointed that the members should accomplish the training task successfully. All the members also cherished this learning opportunity and learn with earnest.

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