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Cooperation Signing Ceremony Between the School of Accounting and CIMA Held in Tengxiang Building£¬SWUFE
On the afternoon of November, 11th, 2009, the cooperation signing ceremony between the School of Accounting within our university and CIMA was successfully held in meeting room in Tengxiang Building. The specially invited guests present at the ceremony were Charles, the international chief executive officer, Wei Tinghan, British consul general of Chongqing, Li Ying, CIMA director-general in China, Wang Kang, deputy director of Sichuan Education Department, Prof. Zhao Dewu, the president, Prof. Liu Can and Prof. Ding Renzhong, vice-presidents, and the etc. The signing ceremony was called to order by Prof. Peng Shaobing, the executive president of School of Accounting.
Vice-president Liu Can first addressed a speech, in which she spoke highly of the developing process of CIMA for over ninety years and affirmed its fruitful achievements and extensive experience in education and teaching. She also pictured a positive vision for the cooperation between our university and CIMA, and expressed her sincere wishes.
Deputy director Wang Kang of Education Deapartment of Sichuan Province, had a high opinion of the great contribution made by CIMA in cultivating talents within the province. He made an emphasis on the strategic importance of the cooperation of two sides. As he pointed out, the government attaches great importance on the economic development of Sichuan, and against the background of financial crisis, joint efforts of all aspects are needed to achieve sound and rapid development of Sichuan's economy. This cooperation provides a range of opportunities that carry realistic meanings. At last he congratulated beforehand that SWUFE and CIMA could have a pleasant time working together and hoped that this cooperation could become a fine model of collaboration and creation to serve for economic center and development of financial professionals. 
Wei Tinghan, the consul, put a premium on the financial and cultural communication facilitated by the cooperation, regarding the economic development of China and the UK. He hoped that recurring to the impact our university has on finance and economics, and the economic power of CIMA, we could break new ground in the cooperation between China and the UK.
Mr. Charles made a point that as Sichuan is becoming a strong force for the economic development of China, communication and cooperation would be the engine for the upsurge of Sichuan¡¯s economy. The win-win cooperation between our university and CIMA was supposed to help cultivate more financial talents in Sichuan¡¯s economic development.
In the end, Dean Peng Shaobing and Ms. Li Ying, representative of CIMA, signed the agreement. Vice-president Ding Renzhong declared the establishment of the Southwestern Developing Center, and President Zhao Dewu and Mr. Charles titled Mr. Peng Shaobing and Ms. Li Ying.
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