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Euro-China Social Security Forum was held in SWUFE
At the invitation of Insurance and Social Security center of SWUFE, Antoinette Hetzler, the president of sociology institute of Sweden and professor of social policy in Lunds University, Sergio Grassi, the project manager of Ebert Foundation at Beijing, and other two social policy professors Anneli Anttonen and Wolfgang Schroeder who are separately from University of Tampere and University of Kassel arrived at our university on 10th Sep. to participate in the EU-China Social Security Forum. Tao Chen, assistant of the president from our university and several professors from our school attended the forum.
Professor Yi Lin introduced the history of Social security policy development since reform and opening-up, and made profound comments on the building of over-all planning of the social security system in city and rural areas. Four experts from European introduced the new condition and development in western countries and proposed their own opinions about social security on the differences between China and western countries. Experts from China and abroad all thought that the social security had been a difficult problem for all countries and should be given much attention.
The communication and discussion in the forum reinforce the understanding about the relating field of experts from two sides, and it also made a positive effect of making up what the other lacks, enlarging the communication and promoting the academic level on both sides.
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